Since its founding in 1987, Papua New Guinea Air has been cleaning its aircraft wheel parts by hand, using a slow and expensive chemical stripping system. Recently we were contacted by this regional airline after seeing our website on Google. Mr. Fabian Renne, Supply & Logisitics Training Coordinator at their Port Moresby office explained that in 2015 they acquired a new fleet of ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft, with more due in this year, and his team was looking for a better method of cleaning the wheel hubs. The professionals at KLEEN BLAST recommended a proven dry blast technology with the newest entry in the field: a CLEMCO / ZERO SHOP-MATE ECONOMY SUCTION CABINET, custom built utilizing a filter-bag style dust collector and a 50Hz electric motor to accommodate the grid Down Under. Using 12/16 T2 Urea plastic media, they report a significantly improved turnaround time with more uniform results than ever before. In fact, the SHOP-MATE is “the duck’s nuts” says Fabian. You can’t get much better than that!
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