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Oakland International Airport in Alameda County, California. 124 concrete columns 4 foot in diameter had to be sandblasted for an architectural finish. The concrete columns support the Bart Connection Tram from the Oakland Airport to the transfer station. Sandblasting was a challenge for the contractor. The 3-mile system transports passengers above street-level traffic.

Notable Project – Levi’s Stadium

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Levi’s Stadium is a football stadium located in Santa Clara, California, just across the bay from KleenBlast warehouse in Hayward, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. It now serves as the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Crushed glass was used to prepare the railings for paint. Due to the performance and cost vs garnet it was the perfect choice for this new bay area arena.

Notable Project – Studebaker Factory

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Studebaker suttled manufacturing facility based in South Bend, Indiana. The factory ceased operations in 1967. In 2014 the factory was being converted to mixed use. Crushed glass was used to remove the lead paint from steel and wood. The contractor used a Eco Quip dustless system . This is one of the most popular uses of crush glass in sandblasting.