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Oceanside, California.  One of the largest subdivisions required paint and stucco removal from 7 miles of 6” high block walls.  The walls were located in a high density residential area which made this project very challenging . The residents were concerned about the dust but a dustless sandblasting system and 20/40 crushed glass which has no free silica was a perfect solution. The San Diego Air Quality Management Department was called to the project by the residents and there were found to be no issues that would create an air quality issue.





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Moffett Federal Airfield, San Francisco bay area also known as Moffett Field, is a joint civil-military airport located in an unincorporated part of Santa Clara County. Crush glass 20/40 was the media of choice for a Dustless Blast system to use for the lead paint removal.

Notable Projects – Spruce Goose Hughes

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The Spruce Goose was one of the largest planes ever built with a wingspan of 320’ and length of 219’ it required a huge building to construct. The original factory for wooden structure was converted to a Google office building and the original walls were stripped of the lead paint then finished in clear varnish. EcoQuip equipment and 40/70 rushed glass was used in the sandblasting. The combination left a perfect finish that the owners wanted. Production rates were comparable to garnet and disposal was less expensive.